Just a quick mental check-in for the prior week. First, I learned that some of my certifications are at risk, so I took action to get them resolved. That’s gonna cost some $$ but it’s necessary to maintain them. I’m also looking into some of the more extensive CPE opportunities through LinkedIn learning. I want to get deeper into cloud security tools and processes. There are tons of great trainings available at little or no cost and I need to keep up with them.

I did complete some more work with the CA program

, and still need to review the additional resources components for the outreach program. The following weeks are going to be challenging to reach out to folks for engagement. But it will put me outside my comfort zone, and that’s where growth happens.

I got a lot of my workouts done, despite the heat this week. I tweaked the walks to include some running. Starting to feel better with the running, but I need to keep up with the Sufferfest strength training. That will help the running and my sore hips & glutes. Next week should be a bit cooler

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, so I can get out longer, safely. Swimming has been a high point, as I’ve been able to schedule swims at the Y, and get them knocked out early in the AM, setting me up for a more successful & productive day. This morning I was also able to re-schedule next weeks swims for 6am instead of 5am. Yay for an extra hour of sleep.

Fran was at the shore house this week with mom. They seemed to have a good time together. Other friends have been out on various adventures, and I’ve been jealously watching their social media streams for pictures & posts. I’m way overdue to get out in the woods for a few days. While the job search needs to be my #1 priority, I’m starting to run on fumes and need some unplugged time.

It’s been just about a month since my layoff (officially) and I think I’m adjusting ok. I’m falling into a decent daily pattern of activity that is moving me forward. Going to keep trying to get 1% better every day.

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