I’m probably not alone in taking joy in things that “just work”. I’m a true gear-junkie and like to experiment with new gizmos

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, gadgets and other stuff. I thought I’d share a couple of items recently purchased that do the trick for me:

target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Jabra Elite Active 65t wireless earbuds.

My BOSE earbuds batteries started failing to keep a charge for more than an hour. This unit didn’t own me a dime as I used them heavily for many years. They were pricey, but were one of the first true wireless headsets. So I started looking at reviews and true to form the Wirecutter‘s reviews were exactly what I needed. I wanted ear buds (not earphones) and I wanted true wireless. I also wanted them to work as a phone headset and a headset for my MacBook. Ideally they would connect to BOTH at the same time. The Jabra’s hit all my must-haves. The buds battery seems to last for a VERY long time, and the charging case seems to recharge the buds very quickly and several times before needing a juice-refill themselves. Once inserted they don’t bounce out during workouts, whether it’s running, cycling (road/MTB/trail) or in the gym. Bonus for coming in colors other than black. Mine are bright red. Very easy to find when I invariably leave them lying around.

Power-Up Trail Mix

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, but that’s a fine tuning exercise.

The Nomadik

This is a box-a-month service of goodies for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. About 18 months ago I was feeling flush and was poking around the web and found this site. I figured that with the ability to cancel at any time and return any box I didn’t like I couldn’t lose too much. What I found is that the items in each themed monthly box have all been great! Useful goodies like small bluetooth speakers and various multi-tools, to hammocks, samples of food and energy gels. Each months box also includes a nice descriptive brochure describing the items and providing a link with a discount code to the company that makes the product. I’m like a kid heading into Christmas each time I get an email saying my box is on the way. Also

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, their customer service has been really good. If I have a question about a product or a box

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, I get very quick response to an email.