A friend who raced Mont Tremblant with me is going through the “post-IM blues”.  It’s a pretty common problem for athletes completing an Ironman race.  I went through it on my first couple of IM races.  Since then I’ve learned how to deal with the inevitable emotional let down:

  1. Smile – enjoy the fact that you got through the training and racing, and can look back on your successes
  2. Reconnect – your friends and family have paid a price for your training.  Long days out on rides/runs, skipping gathering of friends and family to fit in training all take their toll on your relationships.  Schedule time with those you love to just be with them, doing their favorite things.
  3. Do something different – I keep a list of all the things I wanted to do, but skipped because I was training.  My list includes “occasional big bowls of ice cream” and “power wash front of house” and “repair gutters” and “finish the David Baldacci novel”.
  4. Make some new athletic plans – these don’t have to be as big as an Ironman

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    , but you don’t want to lose all that hard earned fitness.  Sign up for some smaller local races.  I’m signed up for an Olympic triathlon in September, and NY Marathon in November.

  5. Try something completely new – A friend talked me into joining him and some other friends on a Presidential Traverse in October.  While I know I have the fitness to cover the distance, the technical nature of the hike, combined with a very late season start puts this way outside my comfort zone.  But then again, that’s where life begins…