As yesterday was National Dog Day, seems appropriate to title this post “dog days”

Tula & Morgan

I’m just past month 2 of the layoff. I have several jobs “in discussion” in that I’ve had some contact with recruiters and/or decision makers, then silence. I’m grateful that they haven’t said “no thank you”. But it’s not like I have any offers or any hint of an offer yet. A bit discouraging.

I have been keeping up with outreach, contacting folks in cyber/compliance, and going further into 2nd/3rd level connections. In the case of 1st level connects, the discussions have been great

, and I think I have a strong advocate, when it comes to 2nd level contacts, most have zero response yet. Again, early days but discouraging so far. Patience is not my strong suit by any stretch.

Over the prior two weeks I’ve let my diet really crap out. And as a result my weight jumped up. And with that, my workout motivation collapsed and my mood went right with it. I thought a few days at the shore with mom would help, but that just made things worse. To many triggers to stay sedentary and eat yummy

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, but unhealthy foods. I did get a couple of hours on the beach and a couple of fun bits in the water, but it really wasn’t the break I needed.

This week. I’m trying to get back on track. Morning swims M-W-F, daily walks and evening workouts (bike, strength). I’m seeing progress in the walks speeding up a good bit. I guess that’s something.

On the diet front, I paid for a 2 week Noom subscription. Partly to see what the deal was with the app/service and partly to kick myself in the pants. Seems like a pretty good service, and focuses on the psychological changes needed to sustain a good WOE. It has some live messaging from a coach, but it’s not all that helpful for me. We’ll see where this goes and wether it will be something that I can recommend to others. But between getting back to my normal diet and getting back to workouts, I’m down about 5lbs.