First full week of unemployment. Still trying to process that state, but so far it doesn’t seem to bother me all that much. Some nagging worry, but it’s low level and so far, manageable.

Significant accomplishments the last two weeks:

  • Filed for unemployment benefits. A first for me
  • Sent out 17 applications online, pursuing three good leads
  • One screening call with a recruiter
  • Invested in Career Attraction, and starting the training
  • Invested in Land Profit Generator and starting the training
  • Limited workouts first week, but back on training this past week.

Also got teeth cleaned and eye Dr. appt scheduled. YMCA pool opens next week

, and I have swims scheduled on Monday and Wednesday. This past week I had good OWS’s with Rob & Stacy. It was really fun to train with people again.

Overall, getting back to some sense of daily structure is really helpful.