It’s Ironman Lake Placid weekend, and while I’m not racing this year, I’m as excited and nervous as if I were.  I’m planning a big, big training block over the weekend, and am looking forward to some solid results.

The plan is to drive up this morning, get in a 1-2 loop swim and a short run.  I’m hoping that the cramping problems on the swim hold off.  Friday will be another 2-loop swim, followed by some pre-race meetings with my athletes, then off for a 1 loop bike and a short brick run.  Saturday will be another full loop, or a different route, plus some extra miles, perhaps repeat the climb back from Wilmington, and another short brick run.  Sunday will be on the feet ALL DAY LONG.  I’ll be seeing off my athletes and friends before the swim then volunteering at bike special needs through early afternoon

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, then bike handling in T2 through the evening.  I’ll be wrapping up with cheering through the end of the race.   Monday will be sleeping in a bit, then another 2 loop swim, and 1 loop of the run course.  So if all goes well we are looking at 7 miles of swimming 100-130 miles of biking and up to 20 miles of running for the weekend.  A solid training block.

On the keto front, I think I’ve settled into a static, mild-ketosis state.  My morning, fasted readings are holding at 0.5-0.6.  I’ve been adding supplements to my BP coffee every morning.  It’s like rocket fuel for mornings where I do a workout after drinking the coffee.  I also feel a lot more focused and stable through the day and not near as hungry as I approach lunch time.

One bit of concern is my blood work.  Cholesterol & triglycerides  tipped a bit higher again.  The Boston Heart report indicated that the biggest issue is my cholesterol uptake in the gut.  While my liver is producing a bit too much

, my gut is absorbing too much.  So for the time being, I’m on Zetia.  On the other hand, my inflammation markers are way, way low, blood sugar is way back down.  My weight has stayed pretty stable, even tipping down a bit more.  Currently running around 153-155.  Body fat is stable at 7%.  Overall I feel great, which I suppose is the best indicator.

As far as diet, I’m dialing back the dairy and beef, and trying to eat more fish, oils and nuts.  I go back for follow up blood work in mid-August.

Since my current cardiologist is retiring, I’m going to visit a new guy at the Gagnon Center.  Dr. Martinez is starting a sports cardiology practice, so I’m very interested in discussing my progress with him, and get some ideas on improving my run and bike performance to get closer to where I was pre-surgery.

So this weekend begins the big build up for IMLP70.3 and IMMD.  I’ve got some great trips planned back to Lake Placid for training, and to Boulder CO for the Endurance Coaching Summit.  The summer is starting to speed up!