Another pretty good week..

Got back on the keto diet, and hit ketosis mid week, and extended it a bit through today (Sunday).  Hit a weight goal this week, but will have to see how it holds.  I know that quick losses and gains (5-8lbs) can be caused by small changes in carb consumption, due to the water retention (2.7g of water for every 1g of glycogen stored).  I’d like to think that I can keep my weight at/around 150-155 for the next 30 days, and see how much body fat I can lose and replace with muscle mass.  I know that these next few weeks are going to be tough.

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Workouts have been pretty good as well this week

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We had planned on doing the Revolutionary Ramble 100.  But right out of the gate, I was feeling pretty depleted and unable to get any power on the climbs.  I intentionally skipped leg day on Thursday to avoid lingering fatigue and DOMS for Saturday’s ride.  I didn’t feel sore, but I was unable to push down more than 150-170W.  I could hold that power on the flats for pretty long stretches, but with over 6000′ of elevation for the century, I was doomed.

When our little group got to the section where the 65 mile and 100 mile route split, we were told that we missed the cutoff.  Part of that was due to some of the group missing a turn and about 3 extra miles for them to get back on track.  But it was also getting quite warm, we had some serious climbs coming, so we all agreed that doing the 65 would be good enough. Live to fight another day.

Looking back at diet and ketone levels, I was probably experiencing a bit of a performance drop due to the adaptation phase of the diet.  Saturday was the longest ride I had attempted on the diet

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, and I’m sure that I was going in pretty well glycogen depleted.  I had a similar episode a couple of weeks back during a Thurs night ride, so it’s not unexpected.  Hopefully these will level out and performance will get back on track.

On Sunday

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, I planned on doing a run in the morning, but instead opted to sleep in, and spent the day relaxing.  A nice quiet (keto) breakfast.  Picnic lunch at the BRPC 300th anniversary celebration and a wonderful steak dinner.  No real schedules, no commitments and wonderful warm summer weather.

Next week I’ll be tweaking strength workouts to include more kettlebell work and increasing load in the regular routines.  I also hope to get back down the shore for OWS on Friday morning, and a solid bike ride on Saturday.  I MAY also do the Asbury Ice Breaker swim on Saturday as well.  Atlantic Ocean swim, Brr…..On the diet front, going to keep to the keto plans and see how I feel next week.