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Off Season – Day 4

Slept in late this AM, ’cause I’m getting a bit crisp around the edges.  I’ll hit P90X Yoga this evening after work. I think it will be a GREAT workout to help me stretch and recover a bit.  I’m nursing some very sore body parts;

  • both calves and the bottoms of both feet (Plyometrics),
  • right hamstring (lifting and Plyometrics)
  • upper back (Monday’s workout).

It’s all good because the soreness means that I’m working hard and getting stronger.

Last night I was all set to go to CX practice race, but it was canceled again due to rain.  I think that this weekend I’ll do a longish road/cross ride that will allow me to practice the mount/dismount routine.  I’ll probably hit the dirt/mud roads around Tewksbury, then hit the trail and fields in the new Natirar park.  Fun!

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  1. Kona Shelley

    Be careful doing that Yoga dvd, it’s difficult and I think I was more sore after doing that might be okay..:-)