So yesterday, I blew off the workout.  Part of being in “off-season” means that I can skip a day and rest up if I think I need it, and not feel bad about missing a day.  Simply put, the day got away from me, plus I was still pretty sore from the previous days.  I called an audbile and relaxed. 

I did the Yoga X this morning, and as Kona Shelley mentioned yesterday, it was tougher than I imagined.  I have very limited flexibility in my hips and hamstrings so many of the poses were extremely difficult.  I also think I need a longer warm-up prior to starting the workout.  I did the workout as soon as I got up this morning, so I was even more stiff than normal.  Lessons learned.

Tomorrow is Kenpo-X.  I’m thinking that I’ll try to do the workout early in the AM, then go out for a ride in the afternoon.  The weather is calling for rain, so the ride may be on the trainer, or I’ll skip the ride and go out for a quick run.

The off-season is about choices!