Shifts in ones life can be subtle. Sometimes they are slowly revealed in a series of small changes over many weeks, months or years. My journey as an endurance athlete was something like this. Other times, the shifts can be dramatic and sudden. Such was the case when the phone rang on Wednesday, August 5th. That’s when I got the news that I’m now a cardiac patient, and need surgery.

I’ve known about my mitral valve issue for about 10-11 years and always knew that it would need to be addressed at some point in the future. But I thought that future would be a long way off, and beyond the point that my endurance sport career had ended. At my last physical, my GP suggested that the heart murmur sounded worse, and I should probably arrange for an updated echo test. On Monday I had the test, and my cardiologist called with the news on Wednesday.

Of course, this comes about two weeks AFTER I signed up for Ironman Lake Placid.

So my life-path has diverged and I begin a new chapter of my life. Got it.. I’m trying to go into this change as any in my life; buy learning, and reading and understanding as much as I can and they writing and talking and teaching about what I learn. I’m already starting down that path by getting involved with on-line groups and real-life folks, building a large team to get myself through this.

So this blog is likely to change up a bit, or may even shut down and be re-created in some other form. But I’m going to have to have some sort of outlet for this journey. Stick around for the ride.