Swim:  1:06:25  1/25 AG, 17/359 OA
T1:  3:01
Bike:  6:27:08  12/25 AG. 127/359 OA
T2:  4:09
Run:  5:16:12  14/25 AG, 168/359 OA
With only 359 people in the full IM distance race

Montignac Dordogne Pharmacie de la Vézère

, I wasn’t too worried about another meltdown on the swim.  I DID get into the water for a warm-up prior to the race this time.  I did NOT do that prior to IMLP and I think that the warm up made a really big difference.  I had leaky goggles during the swim so I ended up breathing on my right side more than on my left, which required a lot of course corrections.

T1:  Really happy with T1 time.  I’m not sure where the timing mats were for the start/end of T1 but I didn’t feel flustered or rushed at all, and every movement was efficient and had purpose.
The plan was to sit on a Z1 HR and 90rpm cadence until the bike ride was done, and nail my nutrition plan.  I felt pretty good about how I executed on the plan.   Because the air temps were so mild I was off the bike to pee about 5 different times, which adds up, but I’ll take the time I got.
T2:  A bit slower due to some fumbling with my gear and time to apply sunscreen.  T2 should have been a minute faster.


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, just slow and steady.  Z1 for the first 4 miles, then pick up if able.  Dry heaves again at 2.4 miles into the run, but once those were through, I felt a lot better afterwards.   I wasn’t able to pick up, so shuffled on.  Walked 30 sec at the aid stations and took other short walk breaks toward the end.  Had to stop and pee 4-5 times on the run.  I have GOT to figure out why I’m having the GI upset on long bike rides.

Race venue/logistics/weather
Rev3 puts on a well organized race, but it is much “smaller” event than a WTC triathlon in all aspects.  This is good in that you get much more individualized attention from the volunteers, and a bit worse in that it doesn’t have that “big league” feel.  You really couldn’t ask for a better venue for the race, especially if you plan on bringing a family.  Lots of hotel options, lots of food options in the park and surrounding area.  Discounted park admission tickets and exclusive access for a couple of hours on Friday.
I could not have asked for better weather!  There were strong storms that passed through the area on Saturday, canceling the sprint race, it cleared up before the athletes meeting and bike check in.  Sunday was mostly sunny for the swim, with increasing clouds during the bike but low winds, and breaking into mostly sunny for the run.  Temps never hit 70 with very low humidity and light breezes.  This was the BEST weather I’ve ever had in my 5 IM races.