Wow, another month of 2009 is almost in the can.  Where does the time go?  It’s been a busy month to be sure.  Consistent training (more consistent that not, but not up to where I’d like), cold weather, busy work schedule and other real-life stuff has kept me busy.  But to what end?

It’s probably why I hate February so much.  Besides the darkness and the weather, it’s sort of a let down month.  After all the fun and activity of the holiday season, with Thanksgiving, bowl-games, Christmas, New Years, birthdays and NFL playoffs all complete, February arrives on our doorstop like a pile of dung.  You can’t really ignore it, you have to move it to progress, so you hold your nose and to shovel it away. 

So now that it’s over (almost) what do we have to look forward too?


I’m starting to see some evidence that we’ve made it through most of the winter.  I saw some daffodils begin to poke out of the mulch at work today.  All of the snow is gone (it was 60F here today!), and the sun feels just a wee bit warmer.

Other evidence?  My first race of 2009 is Sunday.  I came very close to blowing off the race, as winter will be trying to make a comeback.  The forecast is for 20F and “wintry mix” precipitation.  Not really the best weather to run a half marathon.  I posted my intention to skip the race, and got called out by a fellow triathlete and all around hard-ass.  I challenged him to show up and race with me, and he took me up on it.  So it looks like I’ll be toeing the line at the Murray Todd Half Marathon very early Sunday morning.  My friend Brian is bringing the camera, so we should have some interesting pictures at the end of the race.

Looking a little further out on the calendar, we have the Odd Man MTB Duathlon, one of my all time favorite races. It was my very first multi-sport race that I ever competed, and this will be my 3rd time to do the race.

I think that once I get these two races under my belt, I’ll be in full-on Tri season mode.

Bring it..