While browsing around my home computer’s “My Documents Folder” I stumbled upon this gem:


First, when I swim, bike and run I feel vibrantly alive. The kid in me again feels what it is like to take a risk without having to engage in reckless or irresponsible behaviour. On any given day I am given the opportunity to feel awake, to take a chance and see if I can go a little faster, a little further or handle something a little harder. This constant source of feedback has been so wonderful. Some days I have had it and some days I haven’t but I have been determined to give myself the opportunity.

Secondly, even though I am the only triathlete in my immediate world, when I am out there doing my thing either training or racing, I know that I am a part of something. I belong somewhere. The importance of belonging that I thought had disappeared with my youth is alive and just as needy in my adulthood. I used to feel a tremendous sense of belonging at work but the new work culture of slash and burn leaves me reluctant to get too attached here anymore.

Second time around
By Alison Colavecchia
6.28.04 (www.slowtwitch.com)

I’m not so down on my day job as Alison, and I really do like working with the team around me, I can feel the constant stress of  ‘slash & burn’ taking it’s toll.  Glad I have the S/B/R to keep be balanced.