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1st attempt at ‘Cross – USGP Cyclocross – Mercer County Park

Just a quickie RR for a quickie race. Up a ‘o-dear-god-it’s-early’ o’clock, drove down to the park. Registered then rode around a bit to try and get warm. Didn’t have any tights, so wore my sweatpants and sweatshirt. Bad idea. Met up with Brian and Jim. 30 min delay. Rode part of the course. Bad idea. Got to the starting line, stood around freezing. Bad idea. Started thinking “WTF am I doing here” Bad idea. Gun goes off, and so do I. Get to the first turn and think “this should be interesting, in the Chinese sense”. Spend the next 35 minutes trying to stay upgright, trying to remember all the stuff I learned from the Cyclocross DVD, mount, dismount and keep moving forward, all while my HR is pinned at redline.

Hit the end of the second lap, just as the leaders are passing me. That ends my race. 38ish min, avg HR 161.

Get to the car, get cleaned up, grab a nasty-ass hotdog from the roach coach, and find a place to shoot some pictures:And also took some video:

Yep Kurt…
Cross Rulz!

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  1. Linae

    So, how much riding is there in cyclocross. Looks like most people carry their bikes. 🙂