Today’s serving of humility was from the Kenpo-X DVD. While I had plenty of aerobic capacity, trying most of the combination moves was an exercise in futility. I quickly determined that I’m an uncoordinated boob.

I have to keep reminding myself I felt this way when I took “aerobics” classes back in the day. I had the hardest time with the simplest steps. I couldn’t even do a descent grapevine. But slowly over time I was able to master the moves well enough to keep from embarrassing myself. I suppose the same holds true for the Kenpo-X routine.

I did enjoy the routine because the time went by really quickly, and it was a great aerobic workout. Once again I’m pretty sore from the two workouts this week. I think that tomorrow is a rest/stretch day in the program. I may opt for a run followed by the stretch routine.