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Sunday’s run sucked eggs. Big, honkin, smelly ostrich eggs.

After a good bit of time away from the iron, I’ve been hitting the weights pretty hard again, but still trying to keep up the training volume and intensity.

Bad Idea

Friday’s weight workout and run left me stiff and sore. Saturday’s 55 mile ride, left me shelled. On Sunday, I really, Really, REALLY didn’t want to do the run, but I got a big shot of motivation from TRI-DRS, and I headed out the door.

90 min later, I shuffled back in the door, more tired, more sore, and totally dejected. Everything between my nipples and knees were screaming “no mas”.

So I had my usual rest day on Monday, and had a lousy massage on Monday night. Tuesday morning I felt even worse. I could barely get myself out of bed. Any thought of a run, much less an interval run was right out. I stayed in bed and gave myself another rest day.

Which brings us to Wednesday.

On the menu was a 60-90 min bike and a 30 min run. I decided to do a Mountainville loop that would take me 30-35 miles. I took the fast bike and went out hard.

1:42 and 30.06 miles later I’m back at the car and headed out for the :30 min run. 29ish later and I’m back at the car and done. For the entire 2:12, I felt strong, solid, loose and fast.

Ladies and Gentleman, the snap is back, and it feels Goooood…

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  1. Tri-Bballin

    You said Nipples….lol…. don’t you hate days like that when you do your workout but your body hates you forever?