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A potential change of plans..

Next week, I’m scheduled to go out to Madison WI, for Ironman Wisconsin. My plan is to hook up with Rob, who got me a sweet gig as a wetsuit peeler, then head over to marshal the run course. On Monday morning I had PLANNED on standing in line to get a slot for the 2009 edition of IMMOO.

Until this showed up in my inbox this afternoon:

Entry Slots Available for 2009 Subaru Ironman Canada

Penticton, BC – A limited number of general entry slots for the 2009 Subaru Ironman Canada will be available on-line. These slots will be available through the target=”_blank”> website beginning at 9 AM PT Friday August 29th. Demand for these slots is expected to be high and therefore athletes are encouraged to go to the website as soon as possible.

Information regarding NA Sports Community Fund Slots and slots available through qualifying events will be posted on the and websites in the coming weeks.

Umm, yeah… change of race plans for 2009? We’ll see what happens on Friday morning.

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  1. beren

    Well..are you all “aboouut” getting there?