So today is Friday the 13th, but the way things went yesterday, I guess the bad luck came a day early.

I woke up with a sore throat from a drippy sinus. Uh-oh, this can’t be good. I get on the tri-bike and scoot over to the Y for my swim. I do 3100 yards in 54:11, feeling pretty good. Back on the tri-bike for the commute to work.

About 2 miles from the office, I hear something hit the ground. I look down and see that my Garmin 305 is missing from my wrist strap. I look around and it’s no where to be found. I retrace my steps for about 100 yards and still can’t find it. I figure it’s dropped into the storm sewer. DAMN… That sucks.

I get to work and feel worse and worse as the day progresses. I’m hoping that it’s just an allergy problem, but I’m getting that disoriented feeling that comes with a head cold. DAMN, that sucks.

I’m scheduled for a 2:00hr bike, with a bunch of short, painful hill intervals. I head out around 4:15pm, and think about heading for a big steep hill somewhere for the workout. I get about 50 yards outside of the Raritan campus and flat the rear tire. I get it changed, but feel really dizzy and disoriented while bent over working on the wheel.

I figure that I’ll bag the main workout, and take a nice Z2 ride home. But I can’t measure my HR because I lost my Garmin earlier that morning. I try to push myself, but can’t get my legs to spin fast, nor push a big gear. I’m sweating way more than the effort I’m putting out. That can’t be good.

I get home, throw down a Zyrtec, and rush around to get the tri bike wheels over to the shop for some repair. As I’m standing there (they fixed the wheel while I waited!) I’m feeling pretty run down and I realize that the Zyrtex isn’t working. Damn, it’s a cold.

So I get dinner down, after making a huge mess on the stove and climb into bed. Toss and turn most of the night, take some Afrin and finally get to sleep well after midnight.

So I talk to my coach and we agree that today and tomorrow will be rest days. Sunday will be an easy bike day (up to 4:00hrs at Z1) and Monday will be an easy run up to 2:00hrs and then we’ll pick up the program on Tuesday.

I’m just hoping I’ll be 100% ready for the Fireman Ironman camp on 20-22 June.