I hadn’t blogged about this before, but I’ve got a couple of new swim toys that I’m loving.

First, I bought a new wetsuit over the Memorial Day weekend. I tried on several suits, but the Roo Superfull fit me like a glove and was much more comfortable and flexible than the other suits. I got a chance to try it out at Mountain Lakes this past Friday, and the results were amazing. The extra floation in the hips and thighs are appropriately named “Virtual Pull Buoy” because the feeling I had while swimming with the suit was just like swimming with a real pull buoy. Even better, I was able to kick comfortably. This suit ROCKS…

I’ve been struggling with finding a good pair of goggles that don’t leave me with a pounding headache and raccoon-eyes, or leak like a sieve. I picked up a pair of Tyr Nest Pro Goggles. These are the most comfortable goggles I have ever worn. My first pair were a dark tint, with a mirror surface. I’ve since picked up a second, clear pair.

What prompted all these purchases? Well, it was time to replace the original QR wetsuit that I got for free when I bought the QR Caliente back in 2004. And the goggles needed to be replaced, along with ALL my other swim gear because I somehow lost my entire swim gear bag. This is the SECOND freakin time I’ve lost the entire bag!!

I’ll never learn….