It’s been a while since I’ve done a 1/2 IM, and I’m experiencing some nervousness around my race this weekend. I was looking over my past performances at the 1/2 IM distance (Eagleman & FIRM-MAN in 2005) and was suprised to see that they were pretty close. The big difference was the 2:07 run at FIRM-MAN vs the 2:24 run at Eagleman. I think the extra time was due to the heat and fueling problems on the bike. I’m pretty sure I’ve got my fueling routine figured out (going with Heed, Hammer Gel, water & Endurolytes). I’m hoping that I can beat my 1/2 IM PR of 5:22. I would REALLY like to sneak under 5:00, but that may be a stretch. I’d have to pull a lot of time off my bike split and have a really solid run.

I think the nervousness may be a combination of normal pre-race jitters, and true anticipation about my 1st triathlon since Wyckoff last year.

Taper-time is weird….