Some updates..

(1) Posted a bunch of photos to the Go ahead and look. You know you want to see what Weazer & I have been doing. (hint: Easter celebration, new bathroom, trip to Key West)

(2) We are headed out to Mesa AZ for my step-mothers wedding. Yeah, I know it sounds weird. You have to understand my family tree. It’s pretty weird. I’m scheduled to do a 3 1/2 hour run on Sunday. That will have to change to Saturday. The heat will certainly be a factor. I’m thinking that I’ll have to do multiple loops in an area with access to water.

(3) My new gig has me learning a bunch of new stuff. Like SAML, and Semantic Web, and Open Innovation. All very cool stuff, but a HUGE amount to learn. In my last 8 years managing IT projects in the Pharmacovigilance space I’ve lost touch with technology advances. I feel like I’m training for a second “mental” Ironman. The upside is that our big projects in this space don’t really kick into gear until Q3. I’ve got a little time to get prepared.