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Bucket List

A couple of weeks ago, the TRI-DRS Friday 5 included listing the top ten ‘to-dos’ on your bucket list.

That got me thinking about my list:

  1. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  2. Dive Truk Lagoon
  3. Own/Race historic cars (Lotus Super-7’s rock my world!)
  4. Sky Dive
  5. Learn a second language
  6. Learn a musical instrument
  7. Quality for & race at Kona
  8. Live out my days on an island in a sunny location.
  9. Hang Glide
  10. Bicycle across USA

I’m not too sure about the order, and this is certainly not the total extent of my list. There are a whole bunch of other goals mixed in here.

But the concept of a list got me thinking about how little time I really consider the quickly passing days, and making the best use of the days to come. I’m not a long term planner. The extent of my active planning is about a year. Beyond the next 12 months, I’m not all that sure what I’m going to be doing, in any sort of detail. I’ve got some general ideas about retirement and a second career, but nothing solid. More like a bunch of dotted lines heading off in different directions, starting from differing points in time.

It’s probably another feature of my ADD; too many distractions to focus on on a single path to the future. I’m not sure if that lack of focus is a good thing or a bad thing, but I’m ok with it, and it seems to work for me.

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  1. peme


    3. Own/Race historic cars (Lotus Super-7’s rock my world!)

    Definitely worth going for, if you are ever in Denmark let me know and you can try my ’62 Seven.

    Check out for some race videos