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E. Murray Todd Race Report

Since I’m lazy, tired and it’s pretty early in the morning, I’m going to post the e-mail I sent my about the race:

E. Murray Todd 1/2 Marathon Race Report..

I’m feeling pretty good about the race in general. I would have liked to hit 1:45, but I’ll take these results. No shame in a 8+ minute PR!.
Pacing was tough. I felt really strong through about 7 miles, then it felt like the wheels came off:

Mile 1 7:41
Mile 2 7:58
Mile 3 7:55
Mile 4 7:54
Mile 5 7:49
Mile 6 8:01
Mile 7 7:54
Mile 8 8:23
Mile 9 8:17
Mile 10 8:57
Mile 11 8:16
Mile 12 8:45
Mile 13 8:22
13.1 7:55

1:46:54 211/501 total, 33/59 AG

Now these aren’t bad numbers, (for me) but it just seemed like a hit a big brick wall. One minute I’m cruising along, and the next I couldn’t get my legs to spin any faster. What’s weird is my HR stayed at 160-162. Once again, when I tried to push past 164-166, I started to get nauseous. I had a good breakfast, took 2 Race Caps (30 min before race) and 3 Anti-Fatigue caps (1 hour before race). I took a Hammer Gel right before the race, and another right past the 7 mile mark. I used a similar protocol prior at the 24 hrs of Allamuchy last year, and had good results with my first two laps (about 2:15 total race time). So I’m thinking that something in my normal diet is causing the nausea problem. I never felt like I was even close to a bonk. I’m going to really focus on what I’m eating between now and NJM, and see if that helps.

The 2nd half of the race, and most of the race past 10 miles felt like I was beating my legs with a small bat. I’m pretty sure that’s because I’ve done a LOT of treadmill running. I was really, REALLY surprised at how tight and sore my legs felt during the last 3 miles. I’m pretty sure that’s because almost ALL my Z4 runs have been on the treadmill. I need to get more Z4-pavement miles and weight-work into my legs to deal with the pounding.

It probably sounds like I’m disappointed with the results. I’m not. I was damn close to the stretch goal I set for myself. I’m pretty sure I know what I need to work on for NJM. I’m feel great (relatively) and am focused on the next goal…

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  1. Nancy Toby

    Well done! 8 minute PR is MASSIVE!