So a co-worker who’s opinion I respect is reading my blog. He caught up to me at a recent ‘all hands’ meeting and mentioned that I don’t talk about my work here.


I suppose that there are a lot of reasons for that. First and foremost, by the time I get around to blogging, I’ve logged of the corporate net, and have had some time to re-acclimatize to real life. Real Life is that spot in the universe where bullshit is called bullshit to it’s face.

Second, I live with a woman who has no filter when she is with me, one-on-one. When I’m full of shit, she’ll call me on it. When she even gets a remote whiff of bullshit, I’m called to account.

And she’s a red head.

Don’t fuck with a red-headed woman when she’s called you out. That way there be dragons,

and pain,
and scars.
Trust me.

Finally, I work for a well known Fortune 50 company, and as full of shit as this company can be, it still provides me with the opportunities that the vast majority of people in this world will never know. Further, at the end of the day, this company seems to do the right thing when it matters most. Which is a big reason I work there, and not somewhere else.

It may be selfish to keep who I work for to myself. So be it. If you want to cover my nut with a liberal sponsorship (Bombay Gin would get special consideration) then I’m all ears. Until that time, you either have to know me really well, or have to guess, or just skip it all together. In the grand scheme, it’s not all that important anyway.

But my friend and co-worker has a point. I really do need to use this forum, limited though it may be, to toss-off about work related stuff that is cool, or interesting, or makes me think. I spend an awful lot of time at work, thinking about work or otherwise honing my craft. At the very least, I should use this site to brain dump.

So here’s the first item. I’m attending a two day off-site meeting next week. It’s my first opportunity to ‘announce my presence with authority’ (2 pts)

I’ve got the corporate template, and I’ve made up my PPT deck. Then I re-read nifty bit an I’m thinking that I’ll totally change my presentation to talk to the article, with an infosec spin.

Without telling my boss. My NEW boss…

Whaddya think?