We had a great day on Thursday. Right after breakfast, Fran spotted about 2 dozen wild turkeys running through our backyard: src=”http://lh6.google.com/tri.bassett/R0hH0WWky0I/AAAAAAAAAnU/4oRKBwfzi5k/s144/IMG_1288.JPG” />turkeys on the loose!

We see one or two at a time around here, but we’ve never seen this many in our backyard at one time. Right after I took the photo the flock ran into the neighbor’s yard, then took off and flew in formation over the neighbor’s house.

Later, I went out on my annual t-day ride with the loud guys:
Hugh, Jim & Dave

As usual, the ride included lots of chit-chat, lots of stopping to decide route, some nice climbs and a couple of sprints. Dave is recovering from knee replacement in August, so we kept the pace light for the most part. The weather was VERY warm, and I was way overdressed at the beginning. I took off the undershirt at Jim’s house, but I was still sweating like a pig at the end of the ride.

Later, we picked up mom and drove up to Glen Ridge to have dinner with Steve, Brenda and Maureen, their friend Heidi and her three kids, Carol & Arnold and their daughter Quinn. We had a GREAT time, ate WAY too much and took a lot of photos. The whole gallery of the day is here:

Thanksgiving 2007