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TTW Off Season Shape Up

Ok campers, here we go… 100% recovered from the flu, and ready to rock. I’m participating in Wil’s Through The Wall Off Season Shape Up so here are the numbers and the before pic:

Weight: 159.0
BF% 11.9%
Muscle Mass 133.0 lbs

Yeah, I know it looks like a mug shot. Gimme a break, I took it at about 7:00am, and I had a hard time balancing the camera on the treadmill.

My goals for this event is to bring my BF% down under 10%, weight down under 155 and increase muscle mass, all by January 1st. I don’t think I have a prayer of winning the contest, because I just don’t have that much to lose, but it will be fun trying, and watching the rest of the virtual team go after their goals.

What’s my plan? Basically getting back to IronFit eating & training

(1) Portion Control
(2) Cutting out “happy hour”
(3) Increase volume of workouts
(4) Hitting weights hard, adding a weekly Pilates class.

Pretty simple eh?


  1. Wil

    Awesome plan! Welcome to the Challenge! The site is on the edge of being ready today, I think it might be up within the next several hours, cool!

  2. tri.bassett

    Thanks Wil! I’m looking forward to completing the TTW Challenge!