Lots of stuff on my mind today:

This weeks training was sort of a mini-breakthrough. A damn solid run on Tuesday, nice MTB rides on Mon & Wed, solid swim on Thurs with negative splits on successive 300’s (4:11, 4:09, 4:07) and a nice run today at lunchtime. In between were some nice recovery rides with Weazer. So I’ve got a little over 9hrs of training in this week, and it’s only Friday afternoon. It’s starting to show in my body specs too. Body fat is back under 10%, muscle mass is up, and I look and feel a lot better. In total, I suppose that defines progress.

I received my new Garmin Forerunner 305 yesterday, and used it on my run. It’s a pretty cool device. I’m going to really enjoy using it, and the MotionBased web site, for my IMLP training.

LifeHacker has been running a series called us your Go Bag”. It got me to thinking about what I carry with me on my daily commute. Since I’m a triathlete, my go bag usually consists of 2-5 different bags. Here is my typical rundown:

Booq backpack w/laptop and work stuff
Igloo soft-sided cooler with breakfast, lunch & snacks

Bike Day:
Zoot Tri bag w/work clothes, bike clothes, shower kit and towel
USPS Mail bucket w/Helmet, gloves, sunglasses, shoes, CamelBack Rocket, water bottles w/Heed

Swim Day:
Zoot Tri bag w/work clothes, shower kit and towel
Swim Bag w/fins, pull-buoy, goggles, swim caps, workouts, water bottle w/Perpetuem

When I arrive at work most days, it looks like I’m moving in for an entire weekend.