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New Gear for the 24hr…

Got some new gear for the Hours of Allamuchy race, which is just 2 short weeks away.

I discovered that one of my JetLite batteries had died over the years. So I decided to send it in for repairs, and also upgrade the helmet light to an HID. I’m a huge fan of JetLites. Their products are rock-solid, their customer service second to none. They cost a wee-bit more but the extra coin is well worth it. These guys know their stuff, and produce top quality products.

After discussing various units with James Taylor (not THAT one, but the J.E.T that
s namesake of the company)I picked up the Axis 4400 HID.

4+ hour run time, tiny battery, bullet proof connectors and oh-god-get-that-shit-out-of-my-eyes bright. I took the unit out on a spin in the backyard and scared the crap out of the deer that infest my property.
The kit included light, charger, battery, helmet & handlebar mounts. I’m going to mount the HID on the helmet, and use the new, universal handlebar mount with my 3-way halogen Jet Lite.

I also got this cool jersey:

Anyone want to guess WHY I picked this jersey?

So I’m just about set for the race. Please pray for dry conditions for the next three weeks!

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  1. Mr Lee

    Hi – thanks for the review of the Jet light. It seems new enough not to have too many reviews online but you have confirmed what I thought about the light and the company so mine is now ordered! 24hr mountain bike race in January…in Scotland…17 hours in the dark. Brrr.