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Three in a row

I’m on a roll! Three consecutive weekends incurring injury! WooHoo.. I’m consistent!

Saturday, I sat out in the sun for WAY to long w/out sunscreen. Today I’m wearing a shirt that is the same color as my chest. Yummy. It seems like I burn myself every year.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

On the positive side, I’m not letting the burn interfere with my workouts. I did two IBSP loops on Sunday morning. The first loop was with Weazer. The winds were blowing north to south, meaning that we’d be facing a headwind on the 2nd half of the ride. I got in front of Weazer and paced her back for about 1/2 of the ride. However, she’s still a bit nervous about drafting, so she only really got about 1/2 of the effect. When I would pull off and let her lead, she’d even pick up the pace a bit. She also did a full loop on Saturday AM. 40 miles in the weekend for her!

My second loop was a hard aerobic pace. My legs still feel stiff from the wipeout, and I underestimated how much effort it took to ride the 1st 20 miles. I managed a nice 22.5 avg on the downwind leg, but had to push hard to keep the speed up on the return trip. I tried to keep my HR in Z2, but it occasionally moved up to 144-146 a couple of times. During the last 1/2-3/4 mile, I hammered all out, Z4 to the IBSP gate, and got the HR up to 171! Ouch. What I find odd about any Z4 work is how much it hurts to get to that point, but after a few minutes at Z4, the pain seems to subside. Or at least I don’t seem to mind it as much.

I got back home at exactly the 1:00 mark, average 20.4 for the loop. Spent the rest of the day napping; either on the couch or on the beach.


  1. Jeremy

    I live for the day I can execute a training ride with a 20+ mph average! Good work out there.

  2. tri.bassett

    Thanks. While I was able to maintain the pace, it knocked me out for the rest of the day. I’m certainly not “Iron Fit” yet. At IMFL in 2006 I managed a 19.3 average for the bike segment, and that race had pretty gnarly headwinds for the 1st half of the race.

    Now if I could just get my IM run down to 8:00/mile….