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Day One

IMLP2008 training started today. 1st run in a long time and 1st run after the Mojo wipeout on Sunday. I thought I’d start with a goal of 30 minutes, and possibly stretch to 45 depending on how the ‘old-and-busted’ felt.

As I got started, my ankle felt a bit stiff and tight, and the shoe was rubbing a bit where the outside of my ankle was still as bit swollen, but it held up fine. Running felt like there was a bag of rocks strapped to my right ass-cheek. The bouncing around didn’t feel so good, and the glute on that side was almost useless for about 1/2 the run.

But after about 20 minutes, everything started to loosen up, and I went for the longer run, trying to keep the pace moderate.

5.1 miles, 50:08, 9:49 pace. Damn slow, but got ‘er done.

That’s one down 350-odd to go…


  1. Wes

    That was a nasty spill! Glad nothing serious happened. So you are on the path to Iron eh? Good luck with you training. And you need to be more sensitive to us old people! 9:49 training pace is pretty damn good 🙂

  2. tri.bassett

    Old people? Dude I’m 45.. in pig years, I’m a football.. 🙂

  3. Spandex King

    Looks like fun!!

  4. Jeremy

    Congrats on your first day back. FYI…I’m in for Eagleman in ’08, so it looks like we’ll have a chance to race together next year!