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Getting the itch.

It started at Wyckoff. Just a little tickle, nothing to get concerned about. Had some fun, left with a smile. Then again, when I signed up for the tickle started to burn a bit. Just enough to let me know it is still there.

Last night we went to the pre-race meeting/Happy Hour for the Randolph Sprint Tri where Weazer & I are volunteers. The burning became more pronounced and started to engulf my brain.

Yeah, I need another IM experience. The itch to go “all in” set a big honkin goal and work my ass off has settled into my brain and won’t let go.

In 3 weeks, we’ll be in Lake Placid at the IGA section of the run course. Monday morning after the race, I’ll be in line for another try.

Maybe the itch will go away after the race. But I doubt it.

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  1. Jeremy

    I was expecting this post to be about something else with a title like “Getting the Itch”! Hopefully your stint of volunteering at IMLP in a couple of weeks has the itch even more prominent then compared to now.