The Fedex guy pulled up right as Jeopardy ended (7:30 EST). I immediately took the box down to the basement and began to unwrap the baby. The bike was very nicely packed, and there was no visible damage on the box or on the bike. Setup was really easy. Put on the handlebars, put on the wheels, put on the seat and done!

In fact, I was so excited about getting it put together, I threw on a light, tossed the bike up on the car rack, and FLEW down to Six Mile Run. A bunch of the ‘regulars’ were there doing a day/night lap of the park, and were kind enough to hang out to wait for me for the dark loop.

The first ride on the bike was a bit sketchy. I didn’t have the handlebars or seat adjusted for me, and the light was mounted way left on the handlebars, making right hand turns an exercise in prayer. I’ve now got some nifty scratches on my right leg after a close encounter with a wild rose bush.

Six Mile Run is a flat, fast and twisty place. Perfect for a hard-tail or SS ride, so it didn’t really exercise the 5.5″ suspension much, so today I spent some time crashing around Washington Valley Park. After adjusting the bars and seat, the bike felt a whole lot more comfortable under me. Within a few minutes on the first loop I knew that I was going to be a lot more confident on the bike. Climbing was much easier, even in the middle ring. The suspension kept the tires planted, and the low-pressure Kenda’s grabbed the trail with a death grip.

About 1/2 way through the first loop, I realized that the rear tire was way TOO soft, so I eased back a bit on the descents, and headed back to the car. I pumped up the rear tire and headed out for a second loop. With each passing minute I was more confident, more stable, ascending faster, descending MUCH faster and railing the corners. Really amazing feel.

On the back side of the park, coming up to the ball fields, I engaged the rear ProPedal and front lockout for the uphill trip through the fields. I normally climb this particular stretch in the granny, because of the pedal bob on the Giant. With the suspension locked out on the Mojo, I was able to hammer away in the middle ring (and mid-cassette!) and fly through the field.

What an amazing bike! Well worth the $$$ and LONG wait to get it under my butt.