So far the “every day in May” mantra is working. Even if some of the days only include a weight set, or a short ride with Fran, it counts. Even the 4 hours of trail maintenance counted (as and upper body/core session!). Boy did THAT count.

Let’s see if I can keep it up during my vacation. At the very least I may be in for a week of all running, all the time. Our hotel has an exercise facility, but I’m guessing from the pictures that it is pretty small, with limited equipment. I’ll just have to find places to run!

On a different note, I scrubbed off the old Ubuntu Dapper Drake install, and put on the Feisty Fawn. I expected a HUGE fight with the wireless and WPA2-Personal setup, but lo-&-behold! instructions at seemed to work flawlessly. I used the instructions that started with

However I found a much easier way to install the drivers, this will probably work on 32 bit as well

I can confirm that they do work with 32-bit FF… The wireless drivers detected that I was running WPA2, prompted for my key and connected me right up. Very, very slick.