Here I am in the Poconos, at the beautiful ‘resort’. The class is very good, but very, very long. 8:00-4:30, with a 1hr break for lunch, then 6:30-9:00 for more review. This will go on through Friday. Saturday is a 9:00-5:00 review, and Sunday is an 8:30-2:30 exam.

One weekend, shot to shit.

At least I’ll have the CISSP when I come out the other side, assuming I don’t go completely mental first.

We are staying in “villas” which are really nothing more than smallish 1bdr condo’s. They are ok, but a little seedy. The bootcamp covers breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is a pretty good selection of ready-to-eat or heat-n-eat stuff, but all name brand goods. Lunch is at an italian restaurant attached to the hotel. Yesterday was a buffet of so-so italian food. Today; Pizza Hut pizza and wings.


For dinner, we are on our own, but with only a short break, before study session resumes, we are limited. Sunday & Monday I just cooked up dinner at the “villa”. I figure that will be the modus for the rest of the week.

I decided that I’m only going to be able to spend 1hr each day training, and that will have to be in the morning, so I’m just hitting the treadmill at the fitness center. If I’m able to be consistent with this, I’ll get close to 40 miles in over the course of the week. That would be pretty cool.

I suppose it beats working for a week, but just barely.