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Lovin’ the long run

It may take me a while to get motivated and get out the door, but once I start moving, I remember how much I really enjoy the long run. The pace is easier than most of my runs, and it gives me time to think and reflect on the week. After the first 15 or 20 minutes, I’m in a groove with the tunes (I always keep my iPod on ‘shuffle mode’), and I can feel my head starting to clear out. At times (like today) the feeling is quite a bit like popping to the surface of a very deep lake. My mood is high, my head clear and I’m cruising along with almost no effort.

Today’s long run was a bit of a “little Billy” run. I wasn’t planning on the route I took, and in fact had intended to go in a different direction. But after the first 30 minutes along a familiar route, I decided to make some changes. I ran down Evergreen into Bernardsville, then headed straight into Little Italy, down Bernards ave and up Liberty onto Pill Hill. After the long downhill, I turned UP Meeker Rd, and finished that brutal climb. Then out to Annin Rd, to Whitenack, and back through Cantebury. If I hadn’t made a wrong turn and had to backtrack a bit, it would have been a PERFECT 1:45 run. As it was, I came in at 1:50:51 and 11.18 miles.

Have I said how much I hate intervals? On the bike they are bad enough, but running on the treadmill, they suck like a black hole.

Today’s serving of pain was a 60 min run, at 10 min insert 7×3 min Z4 with a 1 min jog. I did the intervals at just over a 7:00/mile, with the 1 min jog at just over a 10:00/mile. The whole festival ended up at just under 9:00/mile. Right at my goal pace for NJM.

I’m a dead man.

Back on the road

After being a total slacker since last Saturday, I finally got out for a run today. 2:00/12.4 miles. 1st hour was on the road, doing the normal loop. I had planned to stop back at the house to use the bathroom and head back out for the 2nd hour, but with all the ice and snow on the sidewalks & roads, I was spending too much time too close to traffic. So I hopped on the treadmill and finished the run.

While I was running, I was thinking why my consistency is so bad. Good intentions seem to always end up falling short, then into a week of sloth. Perhaps a touch of bi-polar or something.

I need to make a pact with myself. Only focus on today. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Speaking of tomorrow, it’s President’s Day and no workee! WooHoo!

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