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Friday WTF

To boldly go where no athlete has gone before…

Star Trek: The Original Series Wetsuit 7MM.

I see an entire series of sci-fi themed races.  I think that Cylon Warrior helmet would be pretty aero..

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Stuff I like..

– Subaru Outback TV Commercial Snuggies Crowbar.

gotta love a car ad with a sense of humor.

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Friday WTF

ummm, ahhh, errr, yeah… words fail me..

Boob Scotch

I sincerely hope it was some nasty blended crap…

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I’m trying really hard not to become a total Apple Fan-boy, but this post from “the Real Steve Jobs” hits too close to home:

Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : A not-so-brief chat with Randall Stephenson of AT&T.

I love my iPhone.  I hate ATT.  My data connections work pretty well

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Stuff I like..

For some reason, I find stuff like this really funny.  It the potential for silliness if someone REALLY did this.

MegaPenny Project | Index Page.

I’m weird like that.

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Stuff I like

Yeah, I’d tape that button down..

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