This is the first full week on a ketonic diet, and I’m getting the hang of it.  It’s still a pain in the ass to prepare stuff, measure, and log everything but it’s getting a bit easier.  I’m finding some recipes that are pretty easy and quick, and taste really good.

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, there has been great progress.  Surprising in fact.  I’m down 7.3lbs since May 12, and down 2% body fat.  My ketones have gone from 0.1, to 1.2 over the course of the week, with a high of 1.4 when I took a reading right after my run on Wed.  I feel good, haven’t had ‘brain fog’ or the 3pm slump all week.  I don’t feel like I’m dieting as the high fat levels keep me feeling full.  I still miss sweets though.  There are some Hagen-Daz bars that are mocking me everytime I open the freezer.  I figure it’s a good stoic practice to keep them there.  I got a recipe book of “sweet and savory fat bombs” and am going to make up several of the “sweet” treats to see how they work out and can satisfy my sweet tooth.

Training wise I haven’t felt like I’m missing anything from the diet.  Performance is about the same.  Monday night I had a good swim

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, but a lot of foot cramping.  Tues AM was a weight workout and Tues PM was a hard bike ride and a quick run off the bike.  The ride and run felt really great.  Wed I ran a hardish-6 miles.  It was harder than I thougth as my HRV reading on Thurs AM was high indicating recovery was needed.  I opted to ignore the advice and try to ride on Thurs night.  That didn’t turn out so well.  About 20 min into the group ride I knew I had nothing in the tank to keep up with the group

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, unless I was going to turn myself inside-out.  Knowing that I would be REALLY busy on Friday and unable to fully recovery, continuing the ride would have set me up for a miserable race at the Brooklyn Half Marathon on Saturday.  So I dropped out of the group and just soft pedaled back to the car.

I’ve got no expectations for Saturdays ‘race’ and I’m treating it just as a long, steady training run.  My only goal is consistent pacing splits at MAF HR.