I suppose having a birthday right after the new year means that I only need to come up with one set of resolutions for the entire year.  So what will I strive for in  2014/my 53rd solar cycle?

Swim/Bike/Run – sort of a no-brainer

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, since I filled my A and B race calendar before Christmas.  But I do need to set some goals for each, so here goes:

Primary Goal:  Consistency –

90% of all planned weekly workouts will be completed.  I’ve been focusing on being more consistent in my workouts, especially my running and it’s starting to pay off. So this year I’m setting the bar really high in order to help me be more consistent in my workouts.

  • Swim:  400,000 yards – Easily attainable, a bit over 7.5k a week.  I should shoot for 10k a week, but we’ll see how this goes.
  • Bike:  5000 miles – Huge bump from 2012,  and a bit under 100 miles/week.  but I need to put in a lot of work on the bike to prepare for all the races
  • Run:  1000 miles – Big bump from 2012, but I’m currently on track for 19+ mile weeks pretty regularly now.

Primary Goal:  More Strength Training.

30-60 minutes 2x week.  More volume means more chance for injury, so I really need to work on strength routines.  Started with the “No Gym, No Problem” workout routine.  I should be able to get this down to 45 minutes per session, and 3 sessions a week, at least through the winter.  I’ll see if I can get through the initial 3 phases before committing to go further with this program, but so far it seems like a winner.

Primary Goal: Body Composition.  BF < 12%, Weight < 155.

This means fat burning, to help with my GI distress problems on long events.  I need to eliminate empty calories from sugar/NA beers and snacks.  Stick to whole foods, good quality fats and proper fueling the workouts.  Easy to say, hard to stick to with all the leftover holiday goodies in the house.  I’m going nibble on them through the weekend

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, then whatever is left gets kicked to the curb Sunday night.