Reminder to never check e-mail at 4:30 in the AM. There can’t be anything good in my inbox at 4:30am. One of the dozens of messages waiting for me got me pissed off, and was about to set the tone for the whole day. I often struggle with having an appropriate emotional response to messages like this. They can put me in a really bad place in my head, and all my engagements with everything and everyone is poisoned by the negative thoughts.

And for training this can mean skipping my workout and emotional eating, pushing me further away from my goals

But not today.

I got into the pool and started my workout. But instead of continually mulling over the issue and following my thoughts into the worst possible scenarios, I tried to stay in the moment with my swimming. Focus on the stroke, focus on counting laps. Focus on anything else BUT the issue at work.

And ever so slowly as the workout got harder, I was able to give back more effort. Effort that had to come from somewhere, so I gave up thinking about work.

And then the workout was over. I felt better getting out than I did going in. And even though it wasn’t a PR type day for a workout, it was an emotional PR day. That’s a big bonus. Money in the bank.`