Ratchet-Up Fitness is becoming a reality. I’m off to Montgomery AL for the USAT Level 1 coaching clinic. I’m going through a lot of emotions while I sit at the airport, waiting for my flight. I’m excited by the prospect of starting something new and creative. I’m nervous about making this big commitment in time and energy. I’m pissed off that TSA took my shaving cream. I’m reflective on where I’ve come from to get to this point in my life, and I’m optimistic about my future!

As I was working through a difficult work task yesterday, I caught myself thinking evasive thoughts about the task. Why couldn’t the requirements be more clear? Why wasn’t I included in the early discussions about this topic? Why can’t the request be more specific?

When I stopped complaining long enough to think about my reactions, it occurred to me that I was looking for someone else to make it easier for me to complete the task. The other person I was working with kept insisting that this was my problem to solve. What i had not done was to make the mental switch from ‘problem’ to ‘opportunity’. I know that this is a trite saying

, but in this case it was like a bolt of lightning. I was being given a highly visible platform for stating the change that I have been advocating for a long, long time. I just needed to focus, and come up with the best way to phrase it.

Now comes the really hard part: Selling the ideas to a larger audience with their own separate agendas. What I learn from this assignment will be valuable as I move forward with RUF. In both areas I’m hunting sacred cows. This latest assignment is a golden opportunity to sharpen my spear.