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Weekly Review

I’ve never been able to perform a “weekly review” as part of my GTD workflow, and I’m thinking that has to change.  I think that I’ve been stuck on the idea that the review should be performed on Sunday evening, as that is the official “end of the week”.  I think I’m so bad about remembering to do any sort of review/planning on Sunday nights because by 5:00pm on Sunday, I’m well into the dinner-movie-bed cycle.  I’m beginning to think that a better time would be right after my Sunday morning workout.  I’m usually in front of the computer logging my training

, so it shouldn’t be to hard to move into weekly review mode.

As you can probably tell, now that my school work is complete, I’m looking for things to do with all of my new found “free time”.

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  1. Neil

    I found that I am completely stressed if I try and do the weekly review like you mentioned.

    Instead I do it casually on Saturday afternoon, or even before my workout. The “brain dump” allows me to get on with the rest of my day/weekend.