Heading down the home stretch of EMTM.  Three more weeks until graduation.  The weather looks to be settling down, so outdoor training will be a lot easier.  Work seems to be settling down, getting a handle on the major projects, able to delegate stuff and focus on the high-impact work.  I’ve got a couple of important presentations to make


, a business forum (Vegas baby!) and an internal opportunity to pursue.

So it’s time to focus on training.  Right now my biggest challenges are diet and consistency.  #1 is consistency.  I need to schedule the workouts in advance, put them on my calendar and get up and out when the alarms go off.  As far as diet, we start the weekly veggie allotment in two weeks, so getting fresh fruit & veg will be easier.  Now just to stay away from sweets.  It’s going to take a concerted effort to quell the chocolate jones.  I’m going to need to figure out what’s causing that trigger each evening.

Got some fun times planned with a long beach/anniversary weekend, and back-to-back Lake Placid training camp weekends and looking forward to OBX later in the summer.

Life is good.