I’m still on the wagon and doing ok.  I’ve found O’Doul’s Amber is pretty darn good NA beer so that’s what I’ve been drinking.  I really can’t say I miss the alcohol all that much.  I certainly feel a whole lot better.

Speaking of which I’m back in at CrossFit.  I signed up for 3x week classes, and am planning on Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning sessions.  It’s going to be a challenge to get up for the 5:30am classes but I think that the strength & power gains are worth a little bit of sleep.  Today was the first class and it was a good session to start:  800m sprint

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, 21 KB swings, 400m sprint, 15 KB swings, 800m sprint, 9 KB swings, 400m sprint.  My time was 16:43, but I used a pretty light KB.

I ran 5m at lunch outside in the cold.  I managed to negative split the out-and-back again, but just barely.  My hamstrings were pretty tight from the CrossFit workout.  It’s going to take a couple of weeks to get over the initial shock of 2-a-days again.