I’m all for shouting down stupidity. It’s something of a hobby for me. I truly wish I was in in attendance..

Check out the screaming woman in Dingles face at 1:45 into the clip:

“I want to know where the money is coming from. Is it coming from my paycheck?”

If I was Dingle

Ohne Rezept Kaufen

, I’d look her square in the face and say:

“No, but we are going to tax your Twinkie habit, love-chunks. Looks like this is the most sweat you’ve shed in decades. Why don’t you spend all that energy on a treadmill?”

Notice that no one in the audience is a ‘person of color’. Strange how that happens when Dingle’s district is over 17% non-white. Maybe they were all at work that day. But we won’t play the race card here…

Then Dingle tries to explain that he’s spent ’50 years trying to do what’s right for his people’. After 50 years in government service, (1959, really?) he’s the problem, not the solution.

We will never have meaningful reform of anything in government until we have significant reform of campaign finance laws, starting with term limits.