I was just looking over my numbers for 2008:

2008 (Ironman training year)
Swim: 171,628 yards (possibly a few more later this afternoon)
Bike: 2197.7 miles (I should ride to/from the pool to get an even 2200)
Run: 658.4 miles
Total: 359.5/hrs training

2007 (non-IM training year)
Swim: 55,700/yd
Bike: 568.2 miles (lots of MTB in 2007)
Run: 616.6 miles
Total: 148.2/hrs training

2008 Races:
Tri: 1 Oly (PR) 1 70.3 (almost melted) 1 IM (almost drowned on the bike/run),
Run: 1 1/2 Marathon (PR) 1 Marathon (PR)
Bike: 1 CX

New stuff: Certified as USAT official, officiated at 2 races.

So I’m feeling a bit better about my 2008 now.  The totals are all better than I had expected.  Not exactly what I hoped to have achieved for 2008, but a decent showing none-the-less.