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Epic party!

It was a total blow-out! Lots of friends arrived that we haven’t seen in a long time. Lauren was the special guest, but others arrived from points far and wide. We all had a great time, ate and drank a ton. So much so that the recycling bucket is full again!

Today I’m spending the day on the recliner. Staying very still and quiet. I’m telling myself it’s a recovery day.


  1. Susan

    Ohhhhhhh…wow. Flood of memories seeing all these faces. Just wow. What was the occasion? I know you said in Laurie’s honor…what is she up to? Was that Scott Willoughby? So many questions, so many thoughts…

  2. tri.bassett

    Yeah, there is a lot of facial hair, a lot LESS scalp-hair and a whole lot of grey going on…