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Off Season – Day 6

Nada, zilch, nufin, bupkus.
That’s what I did yesterday.  It was a dark, drizzly, dreary day.  I had some early motivation and worked on the bikes and mounted the new pull up bar, but after that I sat on my ass, and worked through the 2-month stack of magazines and catalogues on my end table.  I kept looking outside thinking I should get out and at least do a short run.  But there was just no motivation to do anything.

Weazer and I  talked about going out to a new place for lunch, but the weather was so dreary that we didn’t even want to get outside to get in the car.  It was that kind of day.

So I puttered around the house, read, played on the blog site (got the sitemeter code working again) and practiced sloth.

I wasn’t exactly unproductive.  I did get my wife’s friend’s computer repaired and reloaded.  It shouldn’t be so damn difficult or time consuming to load Windows Vista and then download all the patches.  However, it look over 6 hours, start to finish, and all it included was Vista Home Basic, Office 2007 and Avast.  Sheesh…

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  1. Melanie

    guess you sent the rain to Toronto, cuz that’s the kind of day we’re having, and i’m doing the same as you. vegging, and computer stuff 🙂