I’m nothing if not observant. The leaves have covered the driveway and the patio, the house is decorated with pumpkins and halloween stuff, and the heat came on last night.

It must be fall.

Yesterday I wanted to get out for my 1:00/1:00 brick on the Ravine Lake loop/Pleasant Valley loop. Then I remembered that it was the weekend for The Hunt. No freakin way I was going ride my bike through the traffic caused by 50,000 drunk yuppies/hipsters/horse people.

So I grabbed the and hit Chimney Rock for some MTB loops and a nice out-&-back along the Middlebrook trail. It was a GREAT workout and an excellent way to get back to training after a forced week-off.

Today I’m headed back outside to hit the D&R Canal Towpath for a 3:30/20 mile run. I haven’t been to the D&R since this spring’s marathon training. I’m looking forward to checking out the fall colors and watch the boaters along the lake in Princeton at the turn-around.