I’m guilty of most of these as well.  

Confessions: The Tips and Tricks I’m Not Using

I’ve just about totally given up on Firefox, and like the cool, clean look of Chrome.  I do miss the Evernote button though.
I was never a command line guy, ever since Windows 1.x, I’ve been GUI.  But I did dump Google desktop in favor of Windows Search.  Less intrusive indexing than Google desktop search, faster serarches and better “context” with search results.  
I can’t say I’m useless with Office, but the 2007 version does send me scrambling for hidden functions that used to be readily available on the menu or tool bar.
My GTD-fu has taken a holiday.  I’m barely holding on to my sanity by dumping all tasks and thoughts into ThinkingRock and pushing websites and info bits into Evernote.  Weekly review?  WTF?  I think it’s time to re-read the bible
As for Linux, I’m not booting Kubuntu as much as I used to boot GNOME.  I like the KDE 4x interface a lot, but wonky wireless is a hassle to deal with.  GNOME isn’t as elegant looking, but works.  I still haven’t taken the time time to figure out how to print from the Linux box to the printer attached to the Windows box.  It’s probably pretty easy, but I just haven’t taken the time to figure it out.
Maybe I’m getting too old to keep my geek card…