We’ve seen turkeys in the yard before, but when I’ve tried to get some pictures, they’ve scattered. However, this morning these two birds seemed a LOT more interested in the goodies on the ground than a big old dummy like me firing off the camera.

Later in the morning, Fran finally got some great shots of a pair of red-tailed hawks that have taken up residency in the trees behind our house. We’ve heard them squeaking for the last several weeks, and have even seen them on the patio wall right near our back door, however we haven’t been able to get pictures until today.

Most of the time they like to fly down to the old garden, and hang out on the cross-beams. I think they like living around here because of all the little rodents we have running around out yard.

We think that there may be a nest high in one of the trees behind our house, but we haven’t found it yet. We’re going to contact the Trust next week to see what we can do to make our visitors more welcome

The funniest thing is Gripper (the dog) doesn’t seem the least bit interested in chasing the hawks. The turkeys, on the other hand, are a very different story.